Proper ventilation systems in buildings ensure 100% healthy living

There is only one door in a four-walled room. How would it feel to live in a dark room without windows? Once you close your eyes you can feel it. That’s why people felt the need for a door along with a window since the time of the cavemen when people started building houses.

Any house without light will become a prison. Why spend your life in prison in your own home? Natural light is now prevailing in all cases of rental houses or own houses. In addition, to build an eco-friendly home or life, you must have a 100% lighting system.

Natural light is kept at the top of importance in home interiors. Lighting can make any small room look bigger. Helps to enhance any interior decor. Since there is no way to do without artificial light at night, it has become more or less everyone’s need to have natural light at home during the day.

Today’s modern houses, all the grandeur of luxurious buildings would be plunged into darkness if there was no proper ventilation system. Over time, this system is getting better and better.

Therefore, whether it is a home or residence or office or factory, without sufficient light and air everywhere, it is not possible to live comfortably, similarly, it is not possible to work at the workplace. So it is our absolute duty to consider the matter seriously.

What is the ventilation system?

A building ventilation system is the proper management of light, air, temperature, and humidity inside a building. To make a building or room livable it must have sufficient light and ventilation. No work can be done in a room without light, and if there is no air, there will be a lot of pain.

So a building or room should have adequate light and air system. We know this whole system as a ventilation system. Maybe that management is natural. Again it can be done artificially. Usually, the light and air that we get inside the building through doors and windows is natural ventilation. If natural ventilation is not possible, ventilation can be started by turning on air conditioners, fans, and lights.

Types of ventilation

Monsoon winds come from the Bay of Bengal in the south, which mainly blow from the south-west to the north and north-east. So north and south sides are kept open or windows are provided for the natural flow of air in the house.

Generally, three types of methods are used to bring outside air into our homes, which are known as mechanical, natural, and mixed methods of ventilation. The mixed method and natural method of ventilation are most used in the Bangladesh context. Let’s take a look at the different types of ventilation systems.

Mechanical ventilation

Mechanical ventilation is the method of deliberately introducing outside air into a building. Mechanical ventilation systems include electric fans, air conditioners, adjustable fans, air coolers, room heaters, etc. Air coolers and room heaters are used to keep the air and temperature inside the room moderate. Mechanical ventilation is often provided by equipment that is also used to heat and cool a space.

Natural ventilation

Natural ventilation is a very common process. No mechanical planning is required for this. During the construction of a typical house, the required number of doors, windows, and possible light sources have to be used according to the position of the house. As natural air is much colder than artificial air, it can bring the room temperature down very quickly. This is a purely natural phenomenon that depends on wind pressure or stack effect.

Mixed mode ventilation

Mixed-mode ventilation systems use both mechanical and natural processes. Mechanical and natural elements can be used at the same time at different times of the day or in different seasons of the year. Since natural ventilation flow is dependent on environmental conditions, it cannot always provide adequate ventilation. In this regard, mechanical systems complement the naturally driven flow to make our lives more comfortable.

Why is natural ventilation the most popular?

If there is enough natural light in the house, the plants grown little by little in your house will get the right amount of sun and grow on their own. The house will have a green shade. If the light travels inside the room, the room will look more lively, and any interior decor will easily stand out. You will wake up at seven in the morning feeling completely fulfilled, finding the willpower to jump into any situation with full energy. Moreover, it goes without saying that the house will always be much stronger. There will be no darkness or dam feeling. Natural ventilation has several other benefits.

Eco-friendly accommodation

In building an eco-friendly home, you must provide natural light. The importance of natural light in living an eco-friendly life is basically the whole. Avoid running artificial lights or fans when there is enough light or air in your room. As a result of this, the use of electrical energy will be reduced and thus if even a house refrains from using electrical energy then at the end of the day how much it will protect the environment from destruction, just think! Therefore, before moving or building a house, make sure to provide enough natural light.

Natural light is safe

You will never get anything harmful from natural light but artificial light always contains harmful rays which are harmful to your body. Artificial light is also very harmful to small children in the house. From that point of view, natural light is quite safe. You will find a pure feeling. It is also a boon for small children in the house. If you live in natural light, there will be no gloomy feeling in the house. As a result, the elderly or those suffering from heart problems can live a very comfortable life.

Natural light costs nothing

Having enough natural light in the house will reduce your electricity bill a lot. Many homes can be found that require artificial lighting even during the day. Electricity bills are always high in these houses. Natural lighting only costs the first time you build. With proper planning, you don’t need to use extra lights, fans, or AC. These artificial materials use a lot of electricity so compared to natural ventilation there is no cost.

Creates a positive mindset

The sun can turn a gloomy day into an optimistic one. Can easily create an enthusiastic environment. A Loyola University study found that craftsmen who worked in the sun had lower intelligence than those who worked in the shade. Other studies have shown that workers exposed to natural light are more productive and productive than those exposed to artificial light. Natural light workers have fewer days off work than other workers. However, your home may not be a workplace, but it is a place where positive energy is much needed. Especially if the residents of the house do not have a positive mind, there will always be strife in the family. So natural light in the house is very important for a cheerful mood.

This is also why natural ventilation is important

  • Natural light is the healthiest.
  • Prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Contains vitamins D and B.
  • Natural light has healing powers.
  • Natural light stimulates appetite and aids digestion.
  • Natural light helps blood circulation.
  • Natural light increases red blood cells.
  • Sunlight boosts immunity.
  • Natural light increases white blood cell count.
  • Natural light increases endorphins and serotonin.
  • natural light provides a good night’s sleep.
  • Natural light helps to balance the body’s hormones.
  • Increases energy and makes the body strong.

Natural light is very important in living. Natural light will make your home healthier, safer, and more comfortable. From an interior perspective, the more light, bright, and comfortable your room is, the more livable it will be. Sunlight is a really precious element in foreign countries. Many countries do not have sunlight for most of the year. But in our country, there is sunshine throughout the year, so you must take care of this while building or renting your own house.

Why is adequate ventilation necessary?

Proper ventilation is important to your family’s health and comfort. It helps keep your home free from moisture, smoke, cooking odors, and indoor pollutants. Structural ventilation controls temperature moderates dampness in crawlspaces and basements and keeps noninsulated walls free from moisture.

Proper ventilation prevents air pollutants from affecting your and your family’s health. Not only that, ventilation in your home can get rid of any unwanted cooking or pet odors.

Another reason why ventilation is so important is that it controls how long moisture stays in your home. A good ventilation system will help keep pollutants, bacteria, and moisture out of the house. But we often have to live in places with poor ventilation, which can be harmful to our health. Good ventilation is important at home and at work. For all these reasons we need to ensure healthy light and above all air movement in our house. Then our home will become ideal and healthy like a dream.

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